All terms an conditions shall apply to service partners.  See terms for more information.

Service Partners
Client understands Lemon Squeezy TX, LLC (Lemon Squeezy) is a scheduling service and does not employ the individual contractors providing the service.  All service partners are independent third parties providers.


Lemon Squeezy pays all service partners electronically via bank transfer.  Service partners must have a bank account and completed a W9 to perform the work.  Click here to download the W9 form.


An itemized invoice must be submitted to Lemon Squeezy upon completion.

Final Payment and Standards

Final payment will be submitted when the work is completed and approved by Lemon Squeezy.  Any errors or mistakes will need to be fixed prior to final payment.


All service partners must provide current insurance coverage.


All quotes need to be submitted to Lemon Squeezy within 24 hours of receiving the request for proposal.  All bids must include material and delivery of material.  No work is guaranteed until a signed approval has been submitted to the vendor partner by Lemon Squeezy.  Bids will be valid for at least 14 days.


You will submit all your bids and pricing to Lemon Squeezy.  Lemon Squeezy will provide you with payment.  You do not need to discuss any of the pricing directly with the homeowner.

Accepted Jobs

For jobs posted by Lemon Squeezy at set rates, vendor partners that accept the job must complete the job in the time allotted.  Once a job is accepted, you must inform Lemon Squeezy by 9 AM the next day to let us know when you plan to start.

Timeliness and Conduct

Service partner must show up to the job on time, prepared and in appropriate working attire.  No profanity or offensive graphics are permitted.  If you are going to arrive late at a job, you must call Lemon Squeezy to allow us to inform the home owner.

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We make our business easy peasy Lemon Squeezy for our clients.  Thank you Service Partners!